CES 2020: Motion Pillow Gently Stops People from Snoring

motion pillow

Though the CES 2020 is coming to an end, a lot of interesting products have been announced in the last couple of days. The Motion Pillow was announced at the CES 2020 and this smart pillow could just be what the doctor ordered for snorers. It stops people from snoring and helps them to breathe properly when they’re asleep. 

How does the Motion Pillow work?

The pillow uses memory foam and it remembers which is the best position for a person to sleep when they’re asleep. This helps the user to adjust their neck and their head so that air passages are not blocked. The pillow contains a number of parts inside which detect a person’s position when they’re sleeping. As this is a smart pillow, it activates airbags inside the product so that a gentle nudge is given to the sleeper to change the direction. 

In addition, the pillow comes with an audio detection system which identifies when the person is snoring. It understands when the wearer is asleep but his breathing is heavy. The recorder communicates with the pillow in order to inflate the airbag and reposition the sleeper’s head. Most people snore when they breathe through their mouths, and this pillow helps them to breathe through their noses.

Does the pillow disturb those who are asleep?

If you are worried that the pillow is going to wake you up from the sleep do not worry. It is so gentle that you will not even realise that you have been moved. It is very soft and comfortable, and you will sleep very well.

The pillow’s manufacturer has released an application which gives you clear insights about your own sleeping related data. This means you will clearly know how severe your snoring problem is. The motion pillow is slightly expensive but can be purchased on Amazon right away. This pillow can double up as a medical treatment for those who have trouble sleeping and snore a lot. 

However do not consider this as medical advice and always speak to your doctor if you have trouble sleeping or if you snore a lot. This pillow is not covered by insurance.