Alternative Energy: Charge Your Smartphone Using China’s Street Light

Only in China you can find a street light pole to which you can plug your smartphone and, yes, charge it! Currently this magical pole is located just outside of Nanjing University, China, and it has 8 kinds of charging cables so you can find the right one for your smartphone.

This is quite clever if you think about it, how many of us were outside and all of the sudden we noticed that our cell phone had only 5% of battery? … imagine if all you had to do was walking up to the closest street light pole and plug it in. From the picture, it seems that the street lights are being fed from solar panels which makes them solar powered and green, on top of everything. Not only the pole is already Eco-friendly and safe for the environment, but now you can also use it to charge your phone in a Eco-friendly, cheaper and useful way.

According to Micgadget, you can charge your phone using this street chrage in only 10 minutes, which is damn impressive! Check out our list of Innovative Mobile Phone Chargers for more unique and smart technologies.