The Thunderer: Steampunk Guitar Costs $10,000

If you were looking for the most outlandish electric guitar ever, you might probably want to take a look at The Thunderer.

The Thunderer is a Steampunk electric guitar that is still being embellished by WillRockwell at Etsy, before it goes for sale sometime later for an undisclosed price. At the moment, the guitar’s price is estimated to be $10,000 and it will only increase in the coming few weeks.

The body of the guitar is made from solid walnut and it comes with cool features such as onboard digital relay and overdrive effects. These features are activated by knife switches and this can be a great collector’s piece if you are into music and guitars. In fact, even Steampunk enthusiasts might find it worthy enough to spend that kind of money on The Thunderer.

I must say the guitar looks retro, Steampunk and futuristic all at the same time. You could also take a look at the other Steampunk guitar we had featured, The Cirrus. If that is not enough, here is how you can learn to build a gorgeous DIY Steampunk Guitar all by yourself. I guess music enthusiasts will have a great time choosing between the 3 guitars that I just wrote about!