New Chinese 3D Art Show Bring Art to Life

The Magic Art Special Exhibition of China at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Centre decided to make the visitors the focal point of their new 3D art show, which can be summarized as ‘3D art comes to life’ while the customers take pictures.

Never had enough money to go to Brussels and see the peeing boy’s statue? Now you can actually make people think he did it in your mouth. Not an encouraging thought but people seem to like the idea of having that kind of picture.

Every girl’s dream – not needing to wait in line for the ‘Damas’ restroom and do their business while standing up. Now that I think about it, a lot of things in this museum have to do with visiting the toilets.

Kids that age obviously don’t enjoy the concept of even being perceived as slammed into a wall.

Who cares about endangered species and ruining natural habitat when you can take a picture next to a 3D replica?

A-la Ace Ventura.

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