Check the International Space Station from the inside

The ESA (European Space Agency) has made possible to virtually take a stroll on the International Space Station (ISS). This is somewhat like a Google Maps service inside the spaceship.

International space station 1

The ESA came up with a simple yet really cool concept: to let users virtually walk around, using the zoom, turning around and exploring every inch of the ISS, just as if the people on the other side of their computers were on the space station themselves.

Recently, Samantha Cristoforetti broke the female record of permanence in space with some 199 outside our planet, and before coming back to Earth performed a mission where she had to take 15 images of each one of the modules of the International Space Station.  After some time in processing, they created a virtual model of the ISS in 360º degrees, which users can check out from the ESA‘s official website.

International space station 2

The only part we won’t be able to visit is the sector that corresponds to the Russian modules, which will be added this year – so no conspiracy theories, there.

This experience isn’t only about checking out the space station, but also having a certain degree of interaction. Depending on where users place their cursos, they will be able to check out videos and text that explain what is going on on screen, as if it was a new version of the old Encarta encyclopedia.

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