UNU M7006 Android Tablet Focuses on Gaming

Entertainment is one of the main reasons tablets were created, in the first place, and there are such portable gaming devices out there for wallets of all sizes. UNU M7006 is on the budget side of things, but it still packs plenty of power for most Android games.

Considering the simplistic design and the modest technical specifications, UNU M7006 is more adequate for kids, or for people who are just making their way into the world of Android gaming. That being said, it’s by no means ugly or slow, but it does have a design that might appeal more to the aforementioned categories.

The M7006 is powered by a RK3188 chipset that includes a quad-core CPU running at up to 1.6Ghz (according to Rockchip, the manufacturer of the SoC), and a Mali-400 GPU clocked at up to 600Mhz. The GPU may not sound like much, but if you come to think about it, it might just be enough for the 7″ 5-point IPS touchscreen display with a 1280×800 resolution.

In terms of memory, this gaming tablet only packs 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM, which can be furthermore expanded by using a microSD card. Surprisingly enough, the device even has two cameras, a 5MP one in the back and a 2MP snapper in the front, for video calls and selfies. The 3000mAh battery should keep the device running for up to 3h, considering that you’re playing videos, and not games. That’s definitely disappointing, but if you intend to give this to kids, you probably shouldn’t let them play games for that long each day.

UNU recommends connecting the M7006 tablet to a TV or monitor, using an HDMI cable, as seen in the above picture. A wireless gaming controller is used for playing the games, and if users want to do something else besides gaming, they can use an air mouse/wireless keyboard combo.

Currently sold for $87.99 by GearBest, the UNU M7006 Android gaming tablet might seem to have a bit of a steep price, considering its modest specifications. However, to sweeten the deal, the manufacturer has included the gaming controller and air mouse-keyboard combo pictured above, so that you have all the tools needed for entertainment. These accessories definitely make the whole deal worth it.

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