Chewbacca hoodie will make wearers look like Chewie

With a new Star Wars movie in the horizon related media is pouring out of everywhere – and so productions like this hoodie pop up and we can’t do anything but write about them.

Chewie Hoodie 1

We have seen quite a few Chewbacca and wookie related hoodies and appearel throughout the years (we’re partial to a really funny video the beautiful LIz Katz did a while ago), but this is the first one we’ve seen that actually tries to replicate Chewie’s iconic look, and make it into a wearable jacket. Were you planning on taking a trip to Hoth? Because this is the type of stuff that could help you survive that climate.

Chewie Hoodie 2

Now, this is quite something, as this hoodie literally looks like they had to skin a wookie to make it – sorry vegans and eco-conscious people! Yet it turns out this is is just one  of the products at Welovefine, and retails for some $60 USD. Also, we were kidding, this is all synthethic and no wookies nor other animals were harmed in creating this. Now tell us you don’t want to wear this once Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in theaters across the globe.

Chewie Hoodie 3

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