C.H.I.P, the cheapest computer ever

Are you looking for the fastest PC, able to run GTA 5 and Skyrim in 120 FPS? Because this is the exact opposite.  Meet C.H.I.P., a $9 USD computer that’s both the cheapest and smallest PC in the world.


After a very succesful crowsfunding campaing on Kickstarter a very interesting project surfaced from the minds of Next Thing Co. This is a mini PC with 3 ports, that retails for only $9 USD. C.H.I.P. (such is its name) is able to perform as a miniature computer, as long as the necessary peripherals are plugged into it – and just like the Raspberry Pi 2, it can be configured to perform almost any task, as it is an Open Source project.


C.H.I.P. sports a 1Ghz ARM processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of storage – furthermore, it can also  connect to other gadgets and networks via Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as being fully compatible with Linux.


One of the quirks of this project is a little accesory called Pocket C.H.I.P., which makes it absolutely portable and gives the computer some 7 hours of autonomy. The first few devices are going to be distributed this May, and may indeed be the way of the future. At that price point, who can say no?

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