SmartMio Brings Muscle Stimulation and Wearable Tech Together

Devices used for Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation haven’t evolved that much in recent times, but SmartMio means to change all that by creating a wireless product that connects to iOS and Android via Bluetooth.

Alex Pisarev, CEO and founder of SmartMio, explained the origins of this wearable device: “It started with my father. He has years of experience building medical technologies for various institutions, like customized medical devices as well as for private individuals starting from cardiographs going to x-ray devices.”

Dr. Vladimir Pisarev, Alex’s father, holds a PhD in biophysics and MSc in biology and electronics engineering, and has 35 years of medical device engineering experience. Alex pointed out the innovations he wanted to include in the device he was developing: “So, I proposed him to make it completely wireless and make it wearable in fact with Bluetooth technology. I was developing applications for Android, so I put together a test application to communicate with the device and that’s how we built the first SmartMio prototype.”

The founder of SmartMio also emphasized the difference between EMS devices that one can buy using teleshopping and the device his company has made: “It’s very popular among triathletes and distance runners and even team sports in Europe. It’s a bit more popular in Europe, actually. It’s not like you can go into any store and buy a sports EMS. This is actually why we have SmartMio and why SmartMio is better and more convenient than other devices for athletes. It has a very friendly user interface.”

According to Filipp Almakov, COO and CMO at SmartMio, the wearable sports muscle stimulator will get some support from sportsmen, starting right next month: “There’s an expedition that’s happening in early April and the guy who leads the expedition has agreed to take SmartMio with him. We’re putting SmartMio under extreme conditions to see how it performs. This is something that’s going to prove how effective SmartMio can be.”

The company is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo, where it’s getting really close to its $50,000 goal. SmartMio has great chances of reaching that goal, consider that there are 41 more days to go at press time. Securing such a wearable sports muscle stimulator is as easy as backing the project with $89, while there still are Early Bird spots, as the price goes higher after that. In addition, the device is available for pre-order on the company’s website.

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