Awesome Christmas Gifts For Under $50

Have a geek in your family that you want to make a bit happier for Christmas? Your boyfriend gets excited by useless Star Wars or Dr. Who toys? If you’re on a tight budget, these might be the answer for you.

Angry Birds R/C Air Swimmer – $28.45

The hit game Angry Birds gets real, with this zoom anywhere, slow moving Helium filled radio controlled gem of a floater.

BikeGlow Beacon – $34.99

This new LED strip and tail-light combo is a great way to make sure the bike stays visible on all sides in the gloom, and is also waterproof, fits any bicycle and provides over 120 hours of light from a pair of AA batteries.

Bluetooth Keyboard & Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 – $24.97

No wires, it’s all wireless Bluetooth, and it will immediately improve the wow-factor with their friends after the holidays end.

Dr Who Desktop Patrol Dalek – $39.99

The villainous creature will remorselessly patrol any desktop it is placed on without falling off the edge, thanks to a set of ingenious edge detectors, while voicing “exterminate” to make you geekishly happy.

iHealth Bluetooth Scales For iPhone – $49.95

The scales wirelessly transmit readings to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and keeps a track of your weight as it fluctuates up and down. There’s also a free app which lets you input your daily food and exercise stats to help you stay on the straight and narrow.

iPhone To Television Karaoke Player – $49.95

This phone dock not only charges the handset, but also comes with an integrated Karaoke player system. The unit plugs into a standard television set and comes with a microphone and an app which includes five songs.

Isotoner Smartouch Gloves for Smartphones – $24.95

Gloves which are specially designed to let you use your touchscreen cell phone to text or browse in the coldest of weathers. They come in a variety of styles, linings and colors and you can buy them for both male and female geeks.

Kuchi-Paku Lion Animal Speaker – $37.79

Not only will this strangely named creature have you all in fits of laughter, but if you hook up a microphone instead of your Android or iPhone handset, he will start lip-synching to your words.

Smartphone R/C Helicopter With Camera – $43.04

The latest model of the hugely popular radio and smartphone controlled helicopter and it comes with the perfect add-on accessory, a digital camera. The product, which works with both Android and iPhone handsets, comes complete with a 2GB microSD card included in the pack.

Star Wars R2D2 Interactive Money Bank – $48.19

You’ll need to download a free app first, but that’s all part of the geek charm of course. Great for storing keys, credit cards and anything you don’t want falling into enemy hands.