15 Crazy Christmas Light Displays

The holidays, Christmas more than all, drive you crazy. The notion of spending an evening or even more with so many “loved ones” and all the atmosphere engulfing you from pretty much every possible and conceivable direction drives people over the edge. No wonder they go insane and decorate their homes like this.

Multi-Faith Mention

It’s good to remember Christmas isn’t the only holiday being celebrated around this time of year.

Guitar Hero House

Calvin and Hobbes X-Mas


For those who don’t know what Noel stands for on, it’s basically just an alternate word for Christmas, coming from the French word Noël. I promise you, this will be last educational part of this post.

Cruise Ship Motif

It took a few minutes to figure out, but I realized that this house reminds me of one of those steamboats rollin’ down the Mississippi, with mustached guys cheating each other playing Poker.

And Generally People Putting Too Much of an Effort

The tree decoration makes it look, just a bit, like a Dalek from Dr. Who.



This guy, for example, spent over £20,000 on decorating. Worth it?

Some People are Simply out of Their Minds

Satan Satan hear my plea, Satan Satan come to me.