11 Daring Doctor Who Mashups

Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction show in the World and the most successful Science Fiction series of all time has enjoyed quite an emergence in popularity since the BBC returned the show in 2005. Consistent with songs of the time, the cult following the franchise has isn’t lacking of artistic talents, as these fantastic fan-art portrayals will prove.

The Doctor, Navi Style

There’s an episode on Doctor Who called The Pandorica Opens, so you can see the connection.

The Family Guy Edition

Family Guy Mash Ups and spoofs always work well.

The Whole Gang

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Geeky Heaven, with Star Trek

Kirk, Spok, Kilngons, Daleks, The Doctor. Who could want anything more in life?

Doctor vs Doctor

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Doctor Who? Doctor Doom gets bored with fighting the Fantastic Four.

Opening the Pandorica

Mine, All Mine

The Doctor and TARDIS, his one true love.

The Doctor 11.0

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One character, 11 different incarnations. Part of the magic of the show is switching the actor, meaning a regeneration of the Doctor, taking on a new form.

Exterminate can Wait

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Even Mutants from the planet Skaro can’t help themselves from getting an Apple gadget.


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The Doctor has made plenty of friends over the years.

Disco Time

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