Chromebook 11 Sales Halted After Overheating Issues

As reports about the Chromebook 11’s issues with overheating are published, both Google and manufacturer, HP, have decided to halt sales of the popular device.

Chromebook 11 image

Technology consumers care an awful lot about pricing. e care quite a bit about the quality of our gadgets too. It’s why we’re more likely to shell out for the highly rated and recommended $100 Apple iPod than the $20, 3 out of 10 rated alternative. But, with chargers and tangled wires and gadgets that have a propensity to heat our laps, desks and tables like a grill at a Sunday barbeque, there is one factor that perhaps trumps the others: safety. Unfortunately for Chromebook 11 owners, their Google branded device has recently been the subject of reports about an overheating fault that the tech suffers, leading Google and HP to halt sales.

It’s likely the one message that no company wants to hear, ‘your product is faulty’, but a small number of users have said just that about the Google developed, but HP manufactured Chromebook 11. The aforementioned users have reportedly complained that the device has a tendency to overheat, making the Chromebook 11 both a fire hazard as well as a concern to the user’s own personal safety. As a result, Google have released a statement, explaining that “[They are] working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to identify the appropriate corrective action, and will provide additional information and instructions as soon as [they] can”.

Google pointed the finger towards the Chromebook 11’s charger, suggesting that “In the meantime, customers who have purchased an HP Chromebook 11 should not use the original charger provided with the product”, instead recommending that “In the interim [users] may continue using their HP Chromebook 11 with any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed micro-USB charger, for example one provided with a tablet or smartphone”. Google also had no suggestions as to when the product would be going back on sale but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Google

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