Star Wars Felted Characters: The Force Goes Cute

We thought that the Lego versions of Star Wars characters were the cutest ones ever, but an Etsy seller has proved us wrong.

Felted Star Wars Characters - Ackbar

It’s a trap! No, it’s not: this is the real deal, a creation by Etsy seller Famished, who creates felted figurines based off of pretty much anything you could think of. In this case, Famished delights us with a Star Wars collection where characters sell from prices between $10 and $85 (for the AT-AT).

Felted Star Wars Characters - At-At

But if you thought these were good, just wait until you see the green little guy in the last picture. Yeah, this is the one model that made us actually go out and buy one.

Felted Star Wars Characters - Yoda

Source: Boingboing

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