The Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker: An Artistic Speaker

A square white tile sits against a white background. On the tile are intricate designs that have a rich brown color tone to it. The intricate designs have a pattern to them and are placed in a particular formation.

The patters are connected to each other through a series of thick articulated lines, colored in a lighter shade of brown. At the end of these lines are miniature steel droplets that have been molded onto to the square white tile. The intricate design with the patterns, lines, and steel droplets is meant to represent an artistic version of an electric circuit.

At first glance, the square white tile with its impressive design work looks like a piece of installation art. But, when you glance at an iPod shuffle that lies to the right of white tile, and which is connected to the tile via an audio jack, the purpose of the square white tile becomes crystal clear: It is a portable speaker for music devices and mobile phones.

The Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker gives a nice artistic touch to portable speakers, an accessory that is known more for its function than its form. On an aesthetic level, the ceramic speaker is an inspiring work of art. Crafted from the ceramic substrate, the speakers have a wafer thin body frame, which measures a mere one millimeter. Come to think about it, the ceramic speaker is thinner than the tiny iPod shuffle attached to it.

There might be a perception that since the ceramic speaker is as thick as a pencil line, it may not be able to produce the powerful notes that some of the larger speakers are able to. This perception would be totally false because the artistic speaker is perfectly able to produce the most powerful of bass notes in crystal clear quality.

The artistic looking Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker came into being as collaboration between Japanese potter Mitsuke Masagasu, who is an established name in pottery based art, and Nendo, a well renowned Japanese design firm. When one views the ceramic speaker, the artistic influence of Masagasu and the finishing touch by Nendo can be seen clearly.

If reading about the beautiful Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker has whetted your appetite and you would like to own one, it may be a tad disappointing to know that Nendo does not mass-produce the Ceramic Speaker. For now, they are content with handcrafting the speaker for a select audience.

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Via: dvice