13 Crazy Knife Blocks

Cutting, killing related gadgets have always been a great source of inspiration for whimsical minds to come up with bizarre creations. Knife holders are not of any exception. Below is the list of 13 craziest knife holders whose idea you can use to spice up your kitchen, or to surprise your mother, just need to make sure that she doesn’t suffer from any cardiologic diseases.

Human Head Knife Block

Designed by Irene van Gestel, the human head shaped knife block makes you wonder who he was thinking of when he created it. The block also provides an unrecommended way to release stress.

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Bizarre Pierce Knife Holder

This is a REAL human head knife block. This guy is desperately in need of either a psychiatrist or a stylist, or simply a convenient knife block.

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Throwing Knife Block

Even though the little man tied up on a board with knife circling around makes a cool gadget for your freaky kitchen, the throwing knife block shouldn’t be taken literally unless you are a kung-fu master who has practiced throwing knife in a Shaolin monastery for years.

Five Finger Fillet Knife Holder

Whenever you are miserable, look at this Five Finger Fillet Holder – made by Raffaele Iannello – to understand how lucky you are to have not lost any finger while the playing this game. The set reiterates the basics of the game very artistically wherein one person places his hand down on a flat surface with fingers kept apart and uses a sharp object, preferably a knife to stab between the fingers without hitting them.

The Ex Knife Holder

Another blood inspired design from Raffaele Iannello, this creepy knife holder works effectively as a reminder of the risk following a painful breakup and is aptly coined “The Ex”. It is available in red or black at $70 and chrome at $100.

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Bloody Evidence Knife Block

If you are also in a killing spree but dare not to do it yourself, you can still turn your kitchen into a crime scene with this Evidence knife holder. The bloody stains look stunningly real yet highly decorative on a immaculately white surface.

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Spiderman Knife and Knife Holder

Even though it’s not mentioned if our beloved Spiderman is armed with any knife similar to this one, the knife shown in the picture above would still make a cool collectible for any Spiderman fan.

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Rosendahl Magnetic Knife Holder

Needless of any torturing effect, the Rosendahl knife holder still magnetizes any kitchen visitor with its power to freely hold your knives without any hook or hole. There is no listed price, but you can be sure that this modern looking holder doesn’t come cheap.

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Wall-mounted Magnetic Knife Holder

This flashy holder is a set of 4 stainless steel magnets that boasts of a non-slip rubber front and powerful magnet which attracts the blade to its magnetic area and secures the knife from dropping down. Each magnet can hold 1 or 2 knives depending on their size and weight.

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DIY Magnetic Wooden Knife Holder

Modern and organic, this wooden knife holder is one of the best kitchen gadget you can make by yourself. What you need to do is: find a nicely figured piece of hardwood, embed some high-strength magnets, rout keyholes for easy wall-mounting, then finish with mineral oil.The method sounds simple, but the actual work will require a lot of patience and skills.

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Meeting Knives

The Meeting Knives is a beautiful set of knives designed by Mia Schmallenbach with the idea of each knife fitting inside the immediate bigger one. The concept is simple yet amazingly practical, saving you from the hassle of getting a separate knife block. The set comprises of a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a carving knife and a filleting knife, a dream of any cook.

Legnoart Spicy 6-Klot Knife Holder

Legnoart Spicy knife holder is a stunning kitchen gadget that will add artistic aspect to your cooking. It features a set of 6-slot knife holder, combined together with a twisting an tapered mechanism. The 6-slots are filled with 6 serrated blades made from stainless steel to ease the clean up. The accompanied knives are dishwasher friendly.

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DIY Bamboo Knife Holder

If you like the idea of the bamboo knife holder but don’t want to waste a fortune for it, you can always make one on your own. This DIY bamboo knife holder is equivalent cool yet much cheaper with the total cost can go down under $10.

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