22 ‘Lost’ Jokes That Never Get Old

One of the more influential shows of the last 10 years was Lost. Years after it’s run has ended, quotes, themes and obviously characters from the show are still firm in the minds of its fans, who aren’t planning on letting the hype die.

Where the Numbers Came From

Where the numbers came from

Don’t Get on the Plane

Why Boone Died

Upper West Said

Upper West Said

Using Food as a Joke

Using food as a joke

Desmond Tells a CSI Joke

CSI Kind of Joke

Awesome Beard T-Shirt

It has to grow back

Jacob’s Rules

Jacob's Rules

Perfect iPhone Case

iPhone Case

Youtube Rhyme

Youtube Rhyme

Ben is Funny

Ben is funny

A Meta Joke

Not Penny’s Cake

Not Penny's Cake

Finding Nemo? No, Finding Walt

Looking for his son

Smoke Monster Joke

Breaking Bad Mashup

Udders or Others?

Polar Bear Joke

Even in the WWE

Trustworthy Keamy

Bad Guy lives up to threat

Hipster Faraday

Hipster Joke


Via: Buzzfeed

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