Superhero T-Shirt Designs Give You Super Style

There’s nothing cooler, for comic book geeks, than a new shirt with your favorite Superhero or Supervillain on the front. If you want your friends, people you’re trying to avoid at a house party or just passerby’s on the street to have a bit of a hard time figuring out who or what is that on your T-Shirt, these minimalistic Superhero T-Shirts are just the thing for you.

Superman / Clark Kent

Just one look at that curl and no further explaining is needed.

Wolverine / Logan

Two Batmans or one Wolverine?

Green Lantern

Guy Gardener or Hal Jordan?

Rorschach / Walter Joseph Kovacs

The inkblots don’t move on this shirt, unfortunately.

Doctor Manhattan / Jon Osterman

Although the makeup can confuse some people, no real comic book fan will have any problem recognizing who this is.

Wonder Woman / Diana


To my knowledge, the only Superhero ever voted off a comic book by readers calling in to have him killed.

Riddler / Edward Nigma

Daredevil / Matt Murdock

Catwoman / Selina Kyle

Captain America / Steve Rogers

We know Bucky had his run lifting the famous shield, but there’s only one Captain America in our eyes, even if he died once or was frozen in an ice block for who knows how many years.

If you fancy any of these, or want to look at some more designs, there’s more to look at on For more minimalstic stuff, looking at these Superhero posters might do you some good. For a more stylish kind of style, these might be better.