Mike Haggar Protects Metro City From Sentinels

Capcom’s Final Fight veteran takes down one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes in this amusing stop-motion animation.

Mike Haggar Sentinel Image

In a fictional world, the Presidential chances of a Barack Obama or the lackluster field of Republican candidates would be zilch against the likes of Final Fight legend, World Wrestling Champion, and Metro City Mayor, Mike Hagger. Not only did he save his hometown (along with his daughter) from the treat of the Mad Gear Gang with his own fists – which is more than any public official has ever done on the issue of street crime – he can piledrive a shark like nobody’s business.

How does piledriving a great white give you a strong political edge over your rivals? Well, it’s absolutely awesome for one, and second, it shows that when life throws a shark at your way, the only way to deal with it is head on. Very much like the problems we face today as a nation. That’s the Mike Haggar way! Okay, I totally pulled that last bit out of my fanny (did I ever mention I would be great as a campaign manager), but if you were to run that scenario as a slick campaign ad, throw in some shots of the American flag, a bald eagle shedding a tear, and you’d win in a landslide. No contest.

Although, you could do the same patriotic treatment to this impressive stop-motion video of Mike Haggar protecting Metro City, once again, from those nuisance-starting robots from the X-Men universe, the Sentinels. It might look for a second that Haggar might go down for the one-two-three count, but one Spinning Clothesline later it’s K.O. for the iron giant.

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