Geeky Click Keypad Watch

Most of the times, geeky products do not have a better utility than just being geeky! With that in mind, here is a rather weird and geeky Click Keypad Watch that confuses the wearer and also the people around him or her.

The watch is pretty large and looks like a retro computer. The Watch is bulky, has 11 keys and a thick strap that reminds you of Robocop. The coolest feature of the watch is that you can’t tell time the conventional way. In fact, there is no way someone can tell what the time is unless they know how to read the time on this particular watch.

The keys come with lights that glow when you press a number. The numbers glow in a sequence to tell you the time. You must be really quick to follow the lights in order to understand what the time is! The watch can also tell you what the date is, but you would only need to press the ‘#’ key. The watch costs $90 and could be a great gift for nerdy relatives or friends that you might have. In fact, it can make for a really geeky Christmas gift. The wearer of the watch would not only grab attention but could also be the centre of conversation if it is a social situation.

If you wore the Click Keypad Watch, you would certainly be approached by people at Christmas parties where you might not feel comfortable to open up. Most geeky people find it difficult to initiate conversations and gadgets like these keep conversations going. The watch could elicit topics related to Robocop, Bionic or even the history of computers and retro gadgets. you could also go ahead and read about the LED Pocket Watch which comes with a weird clamshell door. The Squares Watch has a lesson to be learned about minimal LED design.