LED Pocket Watch: Tokyoflash Rouge Touch

For a lot of people, cell phones have replaced wristwatches. Tokyoflash Japan has created a modern version of the old pocket watch that’s puts a 21st century spin on a very old piece of technology.

Pocket watches have always been a sign of class, or at least an emblem of an idealized, bygone past. They not only tell time but look very elegant. Perhaps all those complicated gears inside making it work give it a sense of mystery. The Rogue Touch is a pocket watch that elegantly blends the past and the future.

This video explains how it works:

This limited edition watch features an LCD screen instead of the old big and little hands, and an LED to light it. The case is made out of beautiful, polished stainless steel. The screen comes in four colors: blue, green, red, and a “natural” version without any color. The backlight matches the color of the LCD on each watch. The watch has a little clamshell door that opens, allowing you to actually tell the time. You set the watch by swiping across the touch screen, a retro futuristic touch. It even comes complete with a chain, giving it an extra touch of class.

Rogue Touch watch

You can also set alarms and keep track of two different time zones, which might be handy for us Walyou writers, since we’re an international team spread out across the world.

Rouge touch blue and green lcds

Rogue Touch blue LCD

Back of Rogue Touch watch

And if you actually look at the face of the watch, you may wonder how exactly you do so. It looks about as cryptic as those binary clocks you sometimes see. But it’s actually quite simple, as you see in the diagram below. The outer ring is for hours 1-12, the next is for minutes,  the next for hours in the second time zone , and finally the innermost ring for minutes for the other time zone as well.

Rogue Touch diagram

It can be yours for $150. The watch comes in a gift box, making it perfect for that steampunk fan on your list.

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