Go Green with the Clover Concept Phone

Ever buy a phone only to have it be out-of-date a month later? The Clover concept phone, designed in collaboration with Samsung Corp Milano, attempts to stop this endless cycle of constantly upgrading a phone, hopefully a future entry into the eco-friendly phone market.

The Clover concept phone, designed by Jin Woo Han, contains four modules that are inserted into the phone to add support for different features.  The idea behinds these modules is that as technology advances, instead of replacing your entire phone, just replace the module instead with the newest technology.

The other side of this  module concept is the ability to customize what your phone is capable of.  Not everyone uses their phone to listen to music, as a camera or to use GPS. Yes, plenty of us do but we all know what a battery drain some of those activities can be, even when you’re not using them.   There’s also an extra slot for an additional module to be inserted as well.

Another cool feature is the PLCD screen on the back, which changes from opaque to transparent, depending on the intensity of electricity provided to the device. It also has a simple graphical interface to display what modules are currently in use. The front is your standard phone screen.

Perhaps my favorite part of the design is the idea to use the container the phone comes in as a charger base as well. Instead of just throwing away the box, use it to store your modules and phone and to charge the phone. The charger might also come with solar panels to reduce the amount of electricity used in charging.

This is truly a green phone that has great possibilities. I look forward to seeing some of these concepts implemented in the future. Going green doesn’t seem to be just a trend anymore, especially as companies like Samsung work to make it an accessible reality.

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Via: Coroflot