Turn Your Coca-Cola Magazine into an iPhone Amplifier

No speakers handy to attach to your iPhone, well, maybe a rolled up Coca-Cola magazine is lying around nearby. It makes for a fun DIY amplifier.One of the best things about the iPhone, in my opinion, other than making phone calls and occasionally (okay, quite frequently on the border of obsessive) checking email, is the fact that you can listen to music. Gone are the days of having to balance a music player and a phone so you do not miss a phone call or carry around a lot of electronic devices. Everything is rolled neatly in one. The only “downside” is that the speaker on the iPhone, well, it is not very powerful. Listening to music without the use of headphones often requires buying really expensive speakers. And let’s be honest, not only are they expensive, but the speaker devices are not always the easiest to carry around from place to place.

Well, in comes Coca-Cola.

In an effort to celebrate the first birthday of Coca-Cola.FM, subscribers to Capricho Magazine received a magazine that can be converted into a sound amplifier.

The cover of this magazine is quite special, it enables the reader to roll it up, fit it together using the already made slots, and then just lock it right into place. Stick in your iPhone and let it go. It is an easy, cheap DIY sound amplifier that is sure to impress visitors! And magazines do not take up a lot of room in a bag!

Yet another reason why everyone loves Coca-Cola. Now I want a glass. But I am too lazy to get up. Cest la vie.

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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