Comic Book Characters Cuter Than They’ve Ever Been

One of my favorite things is finding alternative depictions of Superheroes, especially when it’s about what they do in their “regular life”, and it’s even better when they’re kids.

Evet Aynen took Spider-Man, Venom, Superman, two of the Fantastic Four, Bane, Robin and Poison ivy, giving them the cutest depiction you’ve ever seen.

Dreams on a Farm

Dreams on a farm


Two options – either this is Superman as a kid already with a suit and cape waiting for the moment his power kicks in, or just a kid who is also from a Kent family and is dreaming about flying off the mailbox.

Bane & Ivy

Bane & Ivy


I’m not sure if Bane is going to protect Ivy from that plant (even though she doesn’t need any protection) or he’s simply something that’s impossible to understand. He makes a fine bodyguard, either way.

Spider-Man & Venom

Spider-Man & Venom I

The relationship between Venom and a kid Peter Parker doesn’t have to be one of enemies. While the little nerd is reading some science books, the alien symbiote (on Eddie Brock?) is picking flowers so…

IAsking Mary Jane Out

… Peter can lean on him and reach out to Mary Jane through her bedroom window and give her a flower. What a romantic gesture. Afterwards…

Peter riding Venom


They go out and have some real fun.

Robin & Clayface

Robin & Clayface


I’m not sure if Clayface is pissed off and looking for Robin hiding on his sludgy back, or this is actually a big bully with a heart of gold taking a little kid for a ride.

Fantastic 2

Fantastic Two


I think Johnny is about to pull a prank on Ben.

Via: rizaturker.

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