Kitty’s Battle Armor: Is This A Khajiit Dragonborn?

We know you’ve been getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, but how about your loved ones? And there’s no one we love more than our cats, so here goes something for the thing we want to protect the most.


Are you ready for war? This cute little kitty is. The creator (should we call him/her a blacksmith?) of this beauty is Etsy seller schnabuble, who defines it as a “100% wearable, flexible, and comfortable” Cat Battle Armor. It was made out of veg-tan leather… and the remains of your enemies, we bet. The armor is adjustable at the collar, elastic, and includes two nickel silver buckles for a perfect fit. Like a kitten Dragonborn from Skyrim, now he’s ready for anything. Fus-Roh-Meow!


Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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