Super Mario Bros. Utility Building Warps Up In Illinois

Check out this unique Mushroom Kingdom paint job done to a utility building in the middle of who-knows-where.

Super Mario Bros Utility building image 1

I don’t speak fondly of many utility buildings, but then again I don’t speak about many utility buildings at all. Maybe if I was still working that summer job as a custodian, sure. Although, this utility building located in the great state of Illinois is quite different from the one I shared my time in (slacking off like any other employee in their early twenties.)

The owners of this utility building decided to ditch the drab when choosing a new paint job and go with something a lot more attention getting, choosing an amazing Super Mario Bros. collage that presents the likes of Mario and Luigi – more Luigi than Mario really – along with a gathering of bending warp pipes, bricks, and question blocks.

It’s a shame no one is able to track down the exact location of this imaginative utility building in the land of Lincoln, but I guess the owners didn’t want a bunch of nerds stinking up the joint. Probably for the best though. Some things are better left a secret, and maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to come across this fun-looking building.

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