Plop! Comic Roll Toilet Paper

You may think going to the bathroom isn’t much fun. Maybe you just need some cooler toilet paper.

For most of us, going to the toilet is a necessary, but unremarkable part of our day. You go in, take care of business and don’t give it another thought. The only problem that arises is how to fill in those few minutes of mental downtime when things are happening. Sure, you can bring a book or your smartphone in, but then you run the terrible risk of dropping it somewhere you aren’t going to want to get it out of. Some people prefer bringing a newspaper to the john, but that can be a real challenge to balance on your lap what with all the other stuff you’ve got going on at the time. A great compromise is the comic book. It’s cheap, so you don’t mind dropping it, and it’s just the right size and weight to be easily held while the job gets done.

In honor of the comic book’s unassailable position as premiere toilet reading material, Spinning Hat has captured all the action and energy of the comic book and wound it into a roll of toilet paper. Each sheet contains a classic comic book style sound effect like “pop,” “splash” and “flush.” OK, some of the sound effects are more toilet-y in nature than others, but the colors and fonts are classic comic book through and through. Better still, hanging a roll of Comic Roll Toilet Paper in your bathroom is a great way to show the world – or at least the part of it that visits your toilet – how much you love comics. At only 6.99 Pounds Sterling ($11.25 US) , it’s also just about as cheap as one, too.