Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter Full Size Replica

This spiffy Dead Space 2 plasma cutter replica may not actually shoot laser beams, but its price tag will cut your wallet down to size!

When video game publisher EA, most famous for sports games and movie tie-in properties, announced that they would be creating a new franchise from scratch, you can forgive the gaming world for a little skepticism. As a huge fan of survival-horror video games, I was more than a bit doubtful that EA would show me anything that Capcom’s hyper-successful Resident Evil franchise hadn’t.

Bearing that in mind, I forgive EA if they want to thumb their nose and give us nay-sayers a hearty “I told you so!” Their Dead Space series has reached the heights of critical and commercial success, spawning a sequel, animated properties, and comic book tie-ins. Dead Space knocked it out of their park with a perfect combination of horror and science fiction, utilizing dizzying anti-gravity sequences, and interesting abilities like time stasis and hand-held tractor beams.

Everything about the game is effortlessly cool, from protagonist Isaac Clarke’s wickedly utilitarian engineering suit, to his arsenal of mining “tools” which are deadlier than most weapons. Sure, some of his gear fell into the predictable category, such as the flame-thrower and pulse rifle (a glorified machine gun). However, it was Isaac’s most basic sidearm that caught my attention. A nasty little number called the plasma cutter, which shot out lancing beams of laser energy in a vertical or horizontal line.

Considering that the core mechanic of Dead Space game-play involves removing enemy limbs, the plasma cutter is a sublime weapon. The in-game manual describes its intended use as breaking up space rocks for mineral gathering, but why bother with that when you can neatly lop off the arm of a marauding necromorph?

Now you can have a plasma cutter of your very own, just in case the odd monster breaks into your house. A lot of attention to detail has gone into this beautiful, full-sized, replica. It weighs in at a hefty 3 pounds due to its metal frame, and is a handful at 11 inches tall by 17 inches long. A 3.7 volt rechargeable battery powers the signature three dot targeting system, and the gun’s secondary fire, which changes from vertical to horizontal alignment, is preserved as well. It even comes with a nifty carrying case, which is stencilled with the words, “property of Isaac Clarke.” At $239.99, the price tag is a little dear, but hey, if you find yourself stranded on an infested mining ship in deep space, don’t you want to be ready?

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