Environmentally-friendly Computer Made Out Of Wood

Computers are neat, but since they’re often made with toxic chemicals such as mercury, they don’t always have a good impact on the environment. One company, however, is doing something about it by making a computer out of wood.

The Irish company iameco is producing the computer designed in Germany. It has a touchscreen and folds out to stand up using an easel design. Instead of a fan, it has copper piping to act as a heatsink. Around 98 percent of the computer can be recycled.

Computer made out of wood

Computer made out of wood

“This touch-screen PC has a very low energy consumption over the entire lifecycle of the unit – starting from production, through the use phase to its ultimate recycling,” Alexander Schlosser of IZM, the Berlin-based company that designed the machine, told the Daily Mail. They’re working on a similar laptop design.

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