Construction Toy Set: Say Goodbye to Building Blocks

Is this generation of kids too tech-oriented? Some say that kids have forgotten what it was like to use their imagination and to enjoy simple toys, minus the cables or batteries. But with this construction toy concept, kids have the chance to go back to basics and explore their ingenuity.

Construction Toy 1
Think of it as the play building blocks of the future. Designer Wouter Scheublin came up with this concept play set that allows children to plan and construct their own life-size bikes, karts, wagons, and more. The construction toy is comprised of various hollow tubes, connector pieces, and a wheel and axle system that can be installed with minimal tools.

Construction Toy 2
Construction Toy 3
The creator proposed light materials like tough plastic to make it easy to assemble but still durable. It is a brilliant concept that can take the minds of tweens and teens away from video games and still keep them preoccupied for hours. Of course, for younger children, some assistance may be needed while building.

Construction Toy 4
Scheublin’s website shows two concept vehicles that can be made from the construction toy. One resembles a cool tricycle without handlebars, while the other is a snazzy looking go-kart. Imagine how excited the youngsters can be as they come up with awesome hand-built rides of their own.

For years, Wouter Scheublin has been creating and exhibiting works in his home country, the Netherlands. With his own design studio in Einhoven, he has gained a reputation with moving art pieces, like a walking bookcase and walking table. Some of his masterpieces have been sold internationally.

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