Contently: Who’s Up For a Take-Away Article?

In most countries, $50 for a pizza certainly means a really quality pizza. Thus Contently is expected to bring articles of the highest standards, even though it says that “ordering writing is as easy as ordering a pizza.” Is it?

Shane Snow is a NY City-based “web geek and writer,” a tech savvy person and a digital media expert, known for his contribution to Wired, Mashable, Gizmodo and many other websites. But writing is not the only Shane Snow’s occupation, as he owns a few online start-up projects. One of the them is Contently, launched in early December of 2010.

Actually the project works quite similarly to any other job marketplace site, though this one is supposed to be oriented on writing only and makes the job carried out in a much more automated manner. if you’re a copywriter you don’t have to advertise yourself anymore (being a part of Contently is supposed to mean enough) and you don’t have to spend hours searching for a writer if you need content.

For those that require writing, the only thing to do is to open an account within Contently and submit a writing details like type of text required, subject-matter, deadlines and budget. The more money is offered, the quicker and better quality of the job may be expected. Contently claims that using a usual job marketplace site means lots of difficulties (long waiting, unknown level of quality). On this occasion though, the writing is of the highest standard, done by the best, highly experienced and professional U.S.-based writers.

What about typos, grammar mistakes and plagiarisms? Contently says the answer is technology: “Our human/machine hybrid editing process takes care of typos and grammar, and before an article can be submitted to you for review, it’s automatically passed through CopyScape to verify its uniqueness.” Well, that sounds ambiguous a bit but the market will quickly prove its worth.

Listen to @ShaneSnow describing his project:

The project has many benefits especially for the copywriters, as they do not have to spend hours on searching the right order which suits their expertise the best and wasting time on trying to sell their work. Contently makes it easy to choose the right subject and the right amount of cash to be earned. However, considering you’re not even allowed to choose a writer, Contently’s offer seems to be a bit of pricey – starting from $50 per a blog post (a small fee is taken by Contently). Though still, the quality, automation and novelty might attract clients anyway. At least at the beginning.

Via: David Blerner