17 Extraordinary iPhone Stands

Without any doubt, iPhone is the most important and famous invention of this decade. It has thoroughly changed the way we communicate and stay connected with friends and loved ones.

In order to make sure that your iphone stays safe and sound, we have brought to you some of the most amazing iphone stands. Use one of these stands to make sure that your iphone always stays in front of your eyes.

Bent Spoons and Forks iPhone Stand

Well, who would have thought that our spoons and forks can be made as a fantastic iPhone accessory with just a little workout in our little brain? But designers at ForkedUpArt have imagined and brought a wildly unique iPhone stand that is made from spoons and forks.

Cellphone Handset

Are you bored of those old designed stands for your iphone? Then here is cool “Cellphone Handset” for your iphone which is unique and which will just look gorgeous on your desk. The Cellphone handset’s soft resin hand has the capability to cradle any type of cellphone with its own unique style.

Spiderpodium iPhone Stand

It’s so clear that the iPhone holder named as “Spiderpodium” is inspired from spider in nature. The Spiderpodium not only holds your iphone but also keeps your gadget secure and your hands free so you can do some other work. Its eight segmented arms can be bent in countless positions, and there’s even a porthole for cable access.

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There are many iPhone stands from various brands, but what about the LEGO brand? You can build a lot of things with Lego and it is also possible to build a stand for the iPhone. “iStand” is a iphone stand created by 11 years old kid Ted Jarvis Ang. This iStand is simple and elegant as well as useful and functional. The iStand tilts, swivels, has shock-absorbers and is easily reconfigurable.

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Naja King iPhone Stand

For those fans of iPhone and iPod Touch, using iPhone and iPod Touch anywhere is their dream. Therefore, you would need a flexible stand to keep your iphone where ever you desire. The “Naja King flexible iPhone Stand” lends a helping hand in holding your iPhone or iPod touch. It allows you to put either item in a vertical or horizontal position, so you can watch movies without using your hands.

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Portable Amplifier For iPhone

Slip the “Bone Horn Stand” onto your iPhone for lo-fi amplification simplicity. Using old-fashioned acoustical science, this silicone stand adds 12 decibels of sound pressure to your iPhone’s speakers to make your experience much more enjoyable. You can also use this Portable Amplifier as a stand for iphone and make it stand vertically or horizontally as you like.

MoviePeg iPhone Stand

If you are still searching for a useful accessory for your iPhone that will let you watch movies at your desk, or when you are on a plane then you may want to check out this simple solution called the “MoviePeg”. MoviePeg is really a Simple iPhone stand with no complex design, but it can let your iPhone stand properly in Landscape or Portrait position.

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The New Portable iPhone Stand

This new iPhone dock not only comes with an inbuilt charger and speakers giving you a wider range of functional features but it also offers an internal battery which offers to keep your iPhone at full charge for about 7.50 hours with only 4 hours charging. It also comes with a stand which is provided at the back to place upright on the table and stands unique circular design allows you to rotate it to a vertical position without hassle. It also has a microphone so that you can carry on conversations when your iPhone is docked into it.

DIY iPhone LEGO Stand

“DIY Lego iPhone dock” is cool and attractive looking iphone stand. Here’s a cool way to re-use those unloved LEGO parts by using them to create a stylish-looking rotating iPhone stand that rotates 90 degrees flat or upright.

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iClooly Clip Case / Stand for iPhone

The “iClooly” is a clip stand designed for iPhone 3G. It allows you to clip your iPhone 3G in your pocket or stand on desk. This is brilliant idea for the iPhone that actually is useful and functional. It works as both, a stand and handle clip that would clip the iPhone onto any clothing or other materials.

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iClooly iPhone 3GS Stand

Turn your iPhone into a mini iMac. The “iClooly” is a case holder that is downsized to replicate the look and feel of and iMac. This stand is ideal for both home and office use. Place your iPhone in this sleek aluminum stand and you can flip it to a horizontal or vertical position – perfect for browsing photos, watching movies and listening to tunes without having to hold your iPhone in your hand. A quick release button on the back makes it easy to remove your iPhone from this stylish piece of kit.

Mobile Tail iPhone Stand

Some people treat their iPhone better just like their pet, so why shouldn’t it have a tail? So here is “Mobile Tail iPhone Stand” which is a tail shaped stand that equipped with suction cup at the other end to stick to the phone’s flat surface and it could let the phone stand on both landscape and portrait position.

iPhone iPlunge Stand

Check out this easy to use iPhone Stand called “iPlunge”. Taking the shape of a toilet plunger, this iPlunge will suck tight to your iPhone rear back plate and if you place it on the right place, the iPlunge will be able to let the iPhone stand properly in both horizontal and vertical position.

iPhone Stand Made of Laser Cut Acrylic Scarps

Just when you thought iphone stands are getting too boring, Tod Kurt has created an interesting stand using laser cut acrylic scraps. He also used four pieces of laser cut acrylic straps to build the stand and holds the iPhone snugly.

DIY Wooden iPhone Stand

You all must love your iphone very much because it keeps you connected with your friends, keeps you update with all the news and keeps all your favorite collection of your movies and music. But at times it’s quite boring to hold your iphone in your hand to watch movies or listen to music. Here is a solution “DIY Wooden iPhone Stand” which is made up of wood and will look elegant enough on your desk.

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GoGoStand For iPhone

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a full-length movie on your iPhone without having to hold it in your hands the entire time? The “GoGoStand” is a plastic folding stand that you can tuck away in your wallet for quick access whenever you need to prop up your phone or gadget. This stand was designed for all generations of iPhones and iPod Touches, but also works with most other touch screen phones including the latest Android devices.

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iPhone Elago S2 Stand

“Elago S2 iPhone Stand” is the most elegant looking iphone stands you must have come across. The stand is made with solid aluminum construction, adjustable viewing angle and non-slip feet. This elago S2 Stand holds the iPhone vertically or horizontally which is great for using your iphone as a clock as well as viewing videos on it.

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