Geek Culture Top 10 Spooky Temporary Tattoos for Halloween

Top 10 Spooky Temporary Tattoos for Halloween

It’s mid-October and Halloween is just around the corner, hence, Halloween parties and trick-or-treats are about to happen soon. This also means it’s the time to decide on and find the perfect Halloween outfit for your upcoming parties and family events. To up your Halloween look, why don’t you try having temporary tattoos to compliment your outfit.

Having temporary tattoos is a great way to add more spunk to your Halloween look and stand out from the crowd. You’d be also glad to know that having temporary tattoos may be very quick and easy to apply. This is why we’re bringing together the top 10 spooky temporary tattoos you can find as the Halloween season approaches.

1. SugarTats’ Zipper Eyes Temporary Makeup Tattoo

Scare other people with your face with zipping eyes through this temporary tattoo made by Sugartats. If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can order until Oct. 27 and receive this by Oct. 30. International orders are accepted, too, but you have to act fast! Order now here.

2. Realistic Joker Temporary Tattoos

Of course, Joker is a very timely choice for! If you’re aiming to go for Batman’s greatest nemesis, this is the temporary tattoo pack for you! This Etsy seller is offering a multitude of options for your tattoos. Maybe you just want a few tattoos — on your face, torso and arms — to go with your Joker outfit, you can easily choose the first option. Or if you want to go full blast in getting the Joker look — either getting the fan art or the dragon back tattoo — it’s all upto you!


These Joker temporary tattoos are available for both kids and for adults. The seller also left some tips and how-tos (and a few extra tattoos) for anyone who buys this set!

3. Coco Skeleton Hands Temporary Tattoos

Many were moved by Miguel and his family’s story in the film Coco. This Halloween, you can take a page (or scene) from Coco and be a character from the land of the dead. This tattoo set includes a pair of skeleton hands temporary tattoos inspired by skeletons from Coco’s land of the dead.

4. Scarecrow Face Temporary Makeup Tattoo by SugarTats

Fancy being a scarecrow on your Halloween party? If yes, these are the temporary tattoos for you. Don those oversized eyelids, face stitches, cheek blush and that cute patch for your face to match your scarecrow outfit.

These temporary tattoos can easily and quickly be applied just with the help of water. The package comes with complete instructions to make it easier for you.

5. Broken Doll Temporary Face Tattoo by SugarTats

If “Annabelle” can attest to something, it’s that dolls can be really spooky. Indeed, this film has given many a new feeling towards dolls — scare that is. This Halloween, why not be one of those spooky dolls. Give more jitters to people with your doll outfit by adding some temporary face tattoos.

SugarTats has created a broken doll look using temporary stickers that fit any face shape. This temporary tattoo set includes break designs for your forehead, chin and neck, mouth crack and under eyelashes. As an added tip, this Etsy seller recommends use of under-eye white makeup, false eyelashes and some lip color. Get yours here.

6. Zombie Temporary Makeup Tattoo for Halloween Party

Add a realistic look to your zombie outfit with this laser-printed temporary face tattoo set. This zombie temporary tattoo can give you a realistic and gorey skin cut on the cheek and on the neck. The seller recommends adding drip blood towards the edge of the tattoo for the added spook. Makeup can also be applied after sticking the tattoos. It has different sizes for male and female.

The package comes with complete instructions on how to apply the temporary tattoos and how to get the best results.

7. Sugar Skull with Hearts & Flowers Temporary Face Tattoo

Skulls and skeleton outfits are pretty common during Halloween. Make your skeleton look stand out by adding this one of a kind Sugar Skull temporary face tattoos. This tattoo set gives you the dark-eyed look for the spook, but also brings along some cute and girly design, including hearts and flowers, to give vibrance and contrast to your look. This tattoo set fits any age and gender, too!

8. Sugar Black Skull Temporary Face Tattoo for Halloween

For those who do not fancy the colorful and vibrant face design, this may be the sticker tattoo for you. This skull temporary tattoo design is a full-black sticker that design, which brings the same together various lines and curves. These temporary tattoos are easy to apply and can dry out within minutes.

9. Day of the Dead Temporary Face Tattoos for Halloween

We’re giving more options to the skull design, such as this day of the dead temporary tattoo. Inspired by the land of the dead characters from the film Coco, this temporary face tattoo set can match the skeleton hands set that’s also part of this list.

This temporary face sticker set includes design for the eyebrows, nose, cheek and mouth, and fits any face shape and age.

10. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Temporary Tattoos  for Halloween

Facny being the crazy DC villain, that is Harley Quinn? To get that Harley Quinn look based on the Suicide Squad film, this temporary tattoo set can help.

This temporary tattoo set includes all the tattoos on Harley Quinn as seen on Suicide Squad, from the face, chest, arm, stomach, legs and lower back. Seller is offering to customize sizes of the design based on whether it will be used on kids or adults.

It’s now the best time to order the best design you found from these temporary tattoos in preparation for the upcoming Halloween events in your neighborhoods. Know some other temporary tattoo designs for the Halloween please share it with us through the comments.

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