Gaming Rooms Don’t Get Any Cooler Than This

Our purpose as human beings is to reproduce and deliver healthy offspring into the world, doing our best to ensure they’ll survive after us. But it’s sometimes about making life fun, like I’m pretty sure this gaming room is for the kids we see playing in one of the pictures.

So someone – a dad, mom or some sort of combination between the two, put in all the effort to create the best retro gaming room possible. Sega, Nintendo, Game Boy, Dreamcast. All the consoles, all the remotes, and from the looks of it, every possible game as well.

And it’s tidy! And Neat! And clean! I’m not sure if I had this kind of collection preserved for the memories of my childhood that I would allow my children, who’ll obviously be a walking disaster when it comes to keeping things in order, get anywhere near such a haven.

But whoever built this has well trained pups under his wing, so he/she has no problem putting their kids in such an incredible gaming shrine. There’s no Noble prize for coolness, but if there was one, this person should get it.

Gaming Room 1 Gaming Room 2 Gaming Room 3 Gaming Room 4 Gaming Room 5 Gmaing Room 6 Gmaing Room 7 Gaming Room 8