HP’s Next Laptop Could Run Android, Leak Suggests

According to a leaked video, the next laptop from electronics maker HP could run the Android operating system.

HP Android Laptop

“Down with PC, mobile is all that matters” is probably a familiar cry that you’ve likely heard bellowed with zeal on the Internet dozens of times. It’s true that the PC market is shrinking like a puddle in Summer as millions of us flock to smartphones and tablets as a cheaper and more portable alternative than PCs. Even laptops are suffering as despite being propped up by the very lucrative PC gaming market (which actually rakes in more cash than that of the console gaming industry), plenty are turning to pricey Apple MacBooks and iMacs for work and investing in dirt cheap netbooks (smaller screens, no optical disc drive etc.) for anything else. In fact, our newfound enthusiasm for other operating systems suggests that we particularly like Android (it has 60% of the mobile market alone) so it makes good sense then that HP’s next laptop will reportedly feature the OS in some capacity.

The rumour comes from Notebook Italia who posted a video of the HP Android laptop in action, but interestingly enough, despite being posted on multiple websites, the video no longer works suggesting that it has been taken down. It’s unlikely that the video would be taken down if there was little truth behind it (if it was an entirely made up rumour, HP probably wouldn’t find the need to get Notebook Italia to take it down) so even more credence is lent to this speculation. Plausibility aside, the video did show a HP Slatebook 14 with a 1080p “Full HD” screen and it’s being reported that the laptop was also being controlled by a quad-core NVIDIA processor, which is fairly sturdy stuff for a light OS like Android and anyone looking for heavy use or serious gaming likely wouldn’t purchase a laptop like this anyway so it’s perhaps suitable for the target market.

Furthermore the video (when it was available) also showed Android ‘soft keys’ at the bottom of the screen, which are found on Android only. If this seems slightly odd, then the keyboard on the screen will be joined by a keyboard below the screen where you’d traditionally find it, meaning that laptop purists and Android enthusiasts alike will both be catered to. Other than that, there’s little else to go on and HP doesn’t appear to be making any statements about the leak/rumour but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: ArsTechnicha

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