Cortana is coming to both Android and iOS

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana might soon be coming to Android and iOS, where it will compete with Siri and Google Now in their own turf.

cortana contra siri

The Windows Phone platform has its own digital assistant, Cortana, based off of the Halo video game series. And while Android uses Google Now and iOS uses Siri, the option to pick our favorite option regardless of platform might not be all that far. Microsoft might be the first to make their software available for other platforms, as Cortana could see a release on iOS and Android. This isn’t the first port of Cortana, as Microsoft had already announced Windows 10 would include its own version in it.

This standalone version of Cortana would be made available for iPhone, iPad and smartphones and tablets running Google’s Android platform, enabling users to choose between their default assistant or Microsoft’s. And, while none of this is set in stone or confirmed, the possibilities are at least exciting. Do you think  we’ll ever see Siri on Android?

Via Geeky Gadgets

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