Outdoor Theater System With PS3

The PS3 experience might not exactly be portable, but this is not only good enough: this is the very definition of “awesome”.

Outdoor PS3 Theater

It’s summer and a beautiful day outside, so you might as well do the same things you do at home but in your yard: play videogames. For this purpose is that this 12’-wide inflatable outdoor movie screen exists. It’s capable of displaying images at 720p digital resolution (what most PS3 games run at), and comes with a pair of 200 watts outdoor speakers to blast the sound of your favorite games while you enjoy some fresh air.

The screen and everything it comes with (set of cables and adapters pre-wired and such) can be yours for $3999 at Amazon. Sounds good. Now we have a new reason to play BioShock again.

Via: 7 Gadgets

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