Create 3D Pixel Art & Make Games with Unity3D 2016 Bundle

Are you looking to develop the next viral game? The ultimate Unity3D game building bundle available in our store will get you started on that road, without having to break the bank in the process.

The bundle created by IOS Online Courses can be purchased at a heavily discounted price in our store, Walyou Deals, in the next 6 days or so. If you’re just getting started with game development or are seeking to improve your skills, this bundle is definitely worth your attention, as it focuses on modern game building technologies.

3D Pixel Art for Non-Artists with 3D Voxel & Unity3D, the first item included in the bundle, is a project-based course that teaches you how to render graphics and clone the hit game Crossy Road. Of course, the game development principles you’ll learn here can easily be transferred to other projects.

The next course, 3D Pixel Character Modeling & Animation with Unity3D will help you to clone the Minecraft game, but in the process of doing so, you’ll get to use your own art. Furthermore, you’ll end up creating such characters as Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and more. More importantly, you’ll learn how to animate your characters to walk, jump, flip, and so on.

The ‘Unity 2016 Game Physics’ Course is everything you’ll ever need to know in order to master game physics. Using this course you’ll be able to create spherical objects, program bouncing balls and configure the physics of rigid bodies. Besides that, you’ll learn how to detect collisions between game objects

Unity3D 2016: Build, Program & Publish a Crossy Road Game, the fourth course included in the bundle, features 6.5 hours of content on how to get your iOS developer license, create a game for Android or iOS using as little code as possible, program animations and keep score.

An important part of the game building process is measuring the performance of the resulting product, and that’s exactly what the Unity Game Analytics course is for. It teaches you over an hour of content how to integrated Google Analytics with any game made in Unity3D.

You’ll also learn how to adapt your game to match the needs and behavior of the users, regardless if they’re playing in on iOS, Android, PC, or other platforms. Since ads will bring in most of the revenue, you need to know how to track and optimize ad performance in order to increase said revenue. If users get stuck in any parts of your game, make sure to pinpoint and fix them accordingly.

Walyou Deals offers the Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle at a heavily discounted price for the next 5 days. Instead of $316, which is how much this bundle typically costs, you’ll only have to pay $29. A bargain, right? If you’re looking to get started with game development, or are meaning to improve your skills, take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

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