Sub-$200 CTL H4 Chromebook Packs 4GB RAM

As technology evolves, production costs get lower and hardware gets cheaper. When it comes to notebooks, there has been a focus on using them for education recently, and CTL’s latest Chromebook could definitely be of great aid in that department.

CTL went to this year’s ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference to unveil its rugged H4 Chromebook for Education. At the $199 price-point, where this Chromebook starts at, you’d expect notebooks to come with just 2GB of RAM, but in this particular case, you’re in for a surprise.

“CTL is excited to bring the H4 to market and offer our education customers another Chromebook option that enables schools to meet their IT and budgetary demands,” pointed out Jeremy Burnett, CTL’s Director of Engineering. “The H4 is easy to maintain and keep secure and features a lightweight, student-friendly design with carry handle and water-resistant keyboard.”

At its heart, the CTL H4 Chromebook has a Rockchip RK3288 Quad-Core Cortex-A17 CPU running at 1.8 Ghz, along with the aforementioned 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage that can be furthermore expanded using a microSD card. Other specs include a 11.6″ HD wide screen LED-backlit display, Bluetooth 4.0, a multi-gesture touchpad, built-in camera and microphone, and an abundance of ports. More precisely, the H4 features 2 USB ports, HDMI and headphone jacks, and a microSD slot for additional storage.

There has been no word on the battery’s capacity, but CTL points out that it should keep the Chromebook up and running for up to 10 hours.

And here’s an excerpt from the press release that was published on June 30 by CTL:

“The CTL H4 Chromebook comes with 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage free for two years. This product also can be bundled with CTL’s Professional Development. In addition, CTL offers a wide range of enterprise class services and support including Chrome Device Management licenses, White Glove Chrome Device Management provisioning, Hapara licenses, custom logo painting, Pearson Education software and eTextbooks, asset tagging and much more.

All CTL Chromebook customers will receive one year of Securly content filtering and analysis, allowing schools and parents to easily set automatic website and app filtering policies. See the CTL Education Solutions Guide for our complete range of services and warranty options.”

The manufacturer claims that the H4 is water resistant and that it can withstand drops from 70 cm. I guess that makes it perfect even for the harshest… studying conditions.

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