Disney Princesses as League of Legends characters: LoL indeed

See what Disney princesses have to say when they’ve had enough of “cute” things and get their game on with the almightily popular League of Legends.

Disney Alice LoL

A digital artist known as Elasar Reem, who goes by Dreeners at DeviantArt has created a series of fan art pictures, reimagining some of the most well-known leading ladies in Disney movies as badass League of Legends (LoL) characters.

Disney Ariel LoL

Disney Aurora LoL

This series works particularly well as the author based her creations on both color gamma and likeness to give life to these LoL variants. Bows, guns and swords round out each one of the princesses exquisitely crafted outfits, and some of them are truly the work of genius. We’d like to watch a movie starring all of these characters in these outfits… Anyways, enjoy the pictures in this story, for our words could not do them justice..

Disney Belle LoL

Disney Elsa LoL

Disney Helen & Violet LoL

The only ones we had some trouble telling who they were originally supposed to be are Helen & Violet (Pixar’s The Incredibles) and Tarzan’s Jane. How about you?

Disney Jane LoL

Disney Jasmine LoL

Disney Rapunzel LoL

Disney Snow White LoL

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