Cubic: Your Own A.I. Personal Assistant

Looking for a personal assistant but don’t want to actually hire one? Cubic, a gadget that’s supposed to take care of almost every need you have in terms of organizing your day and making your life a lot more comfortable just might be the answer.

So what is Cubic? Something of a digital co-pilot, which users interact with by speaking or using companion apps on mobile devices. Services such as IFTTT, Nest, Hue, Spotify, SmartThings, Homeboy and more currently support it.


It’s currently over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website looking to raise $100,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production.

The premise for the gadget is as following:

With Cubic, you can harness the power of all of your scattered technology from anywhere. You just talk to Cubic, and Cubic gets things done. If you’re at work, Cubic can adjust the temperature in your home, turn off your lights, lock your doors, set your alarm, and more. On the go, Cubic can remind you where you parked, tell you how many calories you’ve burned, and make funny comments about the news. In the car, Cubic can give you traffic updates and read you emails. You can even ask Cubic to repeat that funny comment he made and have him Tweet it for you. At home, Cubic can tell you when your favorite show is on, play music, order delivery, read instructions while you cook, turn off your alarm, tell you knock-knock jokes, anything. Users can connect with Cubic through a range of devices that have you covered at home and on the go. And thanks to Cubic’s developer-friendly, open API, there are tons of opportunities for integration with gadgets and services yet to come.

In short? An actual personal assistant, only in the form of a small box. It’s pretty much all the apps you use on your tablet or smartphone and in your home all crammed into one unit, with the ability to interact with it through other mediums. Almost like a digital friend, although unlike the Tamaguchi, you don’t have to feed it.

For more, go to Indiegogo

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