Your Tea Is Getting Cold: Limited Edition Han Solo Cuppa Carbonite

Some might say the mark of a great artist is originality. Others would argue there’s nothing new under the sun; what really matters is the ability to take an existing concept and re-imagine it. UK-based artists DMS and Daniel Perry, makers of this Limited Edition Cuppa Carbonite, are definitely great by the second definition.

Cuppa Carbonite Doll

Back in 2009 Walyou featured Lunartik In A Cup of Tea. The loveable vinyl creation of product designer Matt JOnes is now the platform toy of the Mini-Tea Tour, a nomad exhibition that will be traveling to Berlin, Vienna, Sacramento and London throughout the year. The idea is to showcase the efforts of over seventy artists who reinterpreted the original doll in ingenious ways. DMS and Daniel Perry teamed up under the name “The Rebel Scum” to take part in it.

With a monicker like that, a Star Wars tribute was sure to follow. That’s why the Cuppa Carbonite is outstanding. It’s not only a reinvention of Matt JOnes’ work but it also contains some tried-and-trusted sci-fi magic. Two “borrowed” ideas combined to bring off an amazingly creative end result.

All thirteen Mini-Tea dolls

These Mini-Tea Lunartiks may look ready to be shipped off to Jabba the Hutt, but in fact they were on sale until recently. They sold out in the blink of an eye on pre-order. Small wonder considering that out of a total of 13 that were made, only 10 were up for grabs. However, DMS has brought A New Hope to those who missed out by announcing on the sales page that he will be doing more customs in the same style.

Mini-Tea Tour

The figures are made out of resin. Each one of them comes numbered and signed by the three culprits themselves (DMS, Perry and JOnes) and will be delivered in its own custom printed box.

Mini-Tea Box

A wonderful detail worthy of notice: In Matt’s version the little robot is firmly grabbing the edges of the cup, whereas here its hands are suspended mid-air very much like Han’s were after being carbon frozen on Darth Vader’s orders. We can only hope that it survived the process and is now in perfect hibernation, in typical Han fashion as well.

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Via: Toys R Evil