How To Build A LEGO Ship Inside A Bottle [Video]

How can you build a ship in a bottle … especially a LEGO ship? It’s easy! Of course, it’s easy as long as you judge by watching the below video only. It may be a bit harder (and longer) if you try it on your own.

What you need to build one? About a week of planning, three days of building, lots of bad words and some interesting long tools, as Julia Morley explains herself. She actually built a LEGO ship in a bottle and filmed her effort. Of course the footage is presented in time-lapse, that’s why it looks really simple and quick. But I bet it’s not.

Julia took a bottle from a very chip wine, which she actually had to pour down the sink being unable to drink it. Flat surface on the bottle’s bottom was achieved by using some decorative glass beads and floral resin. Julia did not design the LEGO ship on her own, she instead used a program called Bricksmith. Watching the movie you can notice what kind of custom tools are used. There is one extremely long screwdriver, a tiny hammer made from LEGO Technics, long pliers, or locking tweezers taped to a long dowel.

The clever builder is a medicine student at the University of Pittsburgh. She has her site on, which is a LEGO fan community website. You may check out other Julia’s creations there, including a miniature version of the ship in a bottle.

That kind of project is widely known as an „impossible bottle”, that is a bottle which has objects inside apearing to be impossible to fit through bottle’s mouth. However, the glass cannot be cut or blown around the object, it must go exactly through the bottleneck. Ship inside a bottle is probably the most common type and the world has been fascinated by such tiny ships for more than two centuries. No wonder why Julia’s tiny ship is so popular right now!

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Via: Wired