Da Vinci Code Puzzle Goes USB

If you ever felt like stepping into Robert Langdon or Sophie Neveu’s shoes without neglecting current technologies, this is the gadget for you.


If you have some secrets that need to be kept safe, such as the Holy Grail location, or all of your exes phone numbers, pay attention, for this is more than just a regular USB flash-drive with stuff attached on the side. The Crypteks is a USB stick that uses a system similar to one of the puzzles in Dan Brown’s best seller, the Da Vinci Code, in which the user has to work out a mechanical lock before being able to access its content. And really, with laptops and gadgets that read USB everywhere as we stand today, this is way better than some old papyrus like in the book.


Using the gears featured above, the user sets an alpha password which releases the memory stuck inside, inaccessible otherwise. Luckily, this doesn’t destroy the information if the user fails to input the proper password (we couldn’t handle that much responsibility).  Still, the protection mechanism doesn’t end there, as the data is encrypted as well, using a 256-bit AES hardware-based algorithm. This is every paranoid’s fantasy come to life.

The project started over at Kickstarter, and users and sponsors fell in love with it instantly, so it should start the production phase soon. It’s final price is yet to be confirmed, but expect it to be above the $130 dollars that an 8GB Cryptek costs. If you want to know more about the Crypteks, check the video below and get the word of the actual creators of the concept.

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