The Best of Jon And Al

Do you feel embarassed to admit that you haven’t seen popular movies like “Conan The Barbarian?” Do you like catchy tunes? Then you’ll love Jon and Al Kaplan.

They describe themselves as “struggling, world-famous film and TV composers” and have created short musical versions of some classic movies, which also serve as a kind of “Cliff’s Notes” for the films. Even better, these songs are very funny and extremely catchy to boot! (As long as you don’t mind a little salty language.) Check out their YouTube page, their website and their Tumblr.

Jon And Al Kaplan

Super Mario Bros. Opera

I know this isn’t a movie, but this is their latest project, an opera version of the adventures of video gaming’s greatest Italian mustachioed plumber.

Conan the Barbarian

A musical version of “Conan The Barbarian,” of course, sung in Ahnuld’s inimitable Austrian accent. They’ve done quite a few of these of The Governator. Hear the lamentation of the women!

A making-of vidoe shows that it was apparently done by Kermit playing Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Predator (The Musical)

You probably get the idea by now: it’s a short musical version of “Predator.” If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Rocky IV

Yo Adrian! The Kaplan brothers have also made a musical out of one of the movies by the other major action hero, Sylvester Stallone. Here, Rocky takes on Dolph Lundgren in Russia to avenge Apollo’s death and learns that anybody can change.

Fright Night

As hard as it is to believe now, there was a time when vampires were actually scary instead of sparkly. If you haven’t figured it out now, this is a musical version of the 1980s horror classic.

The Thing

Here’s a jazzy, Sinatra-esque take on a gory science fiction classic.

Terminator 2

Here’s Arnold again, as a Terminator lamenting that he doesn’t actually get to kill anybody, while the T1000 has all the fun.

Sean Connery

He’s so awesome he gets his own musical. Apparently, the shecret to his shucshess ish putting an “h” after every “s.”

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