Dance Party Robot

If the start of another working week has got you down, then perhaps you need something geeky to cheer you up. And we here at Walyou have just the thing: a robot that brings its own dance party.

The robot, aptly named the Dance Party Robot, comes to us via Laughing Squid. It not only dances, it actually has its own sound system built in to blast those awesome jams. Here’s a video of the robot starting its own dance party in San Francisco’s Dolores Park. Of course, it’s actually a person in a suit, but it’s still a fun concept nonetheless.

Dance party robot

It also held another dance party at the same place on June 23. From what I can gather from the robot’s Twitter feed, people had a really good time. If you like this, you might also like a post on a bipedal robot and footage of robots cut to “Stayin’ Alive”.