Darth Raptor: The Truck That Joined the Dark Side

Wrapping a truck in Star Wars graphics is both a money and time-consuming thing, but the popularity that the owner enjoys afterwards compensates for these in full.

Trey Laymon, an Assistant Manager at Walmart, probably realized one day that his Ford Raptor looks incredibly dull, if he decided to cover it all up. Mind you, he did not pick an ordinary theme for foiling his truck. He turned his attention to the Star Wars universe, and not just any part of this universe, but the Dark Side. Yes, good prevails in most movies and so it did in the Star Wars saga, but you must admit that evil always has some sort of special charm that attracts you towards it (not in the “Join the Dark Side and get a free cookie!” kind of way).

With Stormtroopers on one side and Darth Vader on the other side and on the hood, it is virtually impossible not to attract everybody’s looks. Not to mention that the truck also features some evil-looking red-orange lights under it. The Star Wars logo adorns the top of the wind screen, while each of doors features a large Galactic Empire emblem, just in case the onlookers do not know where the characters are from. Darth Maul, who is hiding behind the rear wheelarch, seems to mentally attract the tailgate on which various other Star Wars characters are featured. Please continue reading after the following series of pictures.

At the beginning of September, Darth Raptor, as this truck is now known all around the Interwebs was awarded the 2nd Place at a custom classic vehicles parade in Knoxville. More importantly, though, the car won the 1st Place as fan’s favorite, and it’s easy to see why. Without George Lucas, there would not have been a Star Wars universe and without Darth Raptor, Trey Laymon’s chances of meeting George Lucas would have been rather slim. It should be noted that George Lucas also autographed the truck, fact that probably increased its value several times.

I am pretty sure that this is not the last car we will see featuring a Star Wars theme on its foil. Moreover, I would be delighted to see other people’s take on this. And why not, even try more themes, from both old and new movies and TV shows.

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