Final Fantasy VII Remake In LittleBigPlanet 2

A LittleBigPlanet 2 player does what Square Enix won’t. Recreate a famed PSone RGP all on his own.

Final Fantasy VII LittleBigPlanet cast Image

At long last our national nightmare is over. There’s finally a remake to Final Fantasy VII! What? You were thinking better unemployment numbers or something? Also a good thing, sure, but hey, one pressing matter at a time folks. I’m not Super Abraham Lincoln, you know.

Now, I do have make clear that this remake doesn’t come directly from Square Enix themselves – ha, ha, ha, ha… No. They’re still busy trying to crank out yearly Final Fantasy XIII sequels. Rather, this game is from YouTube hacker alias TheJamaster1992  – a.k.a James Colliver – using the LittleBigPlanet 2 engine.

Yup, the very same Media Molecule game-creating platform that has been used for all kinds of awesome. This instance, of course, is no different. James built his remastering of one of Square Enix’s biggest hits from the ground up over the past six months: cutscenes, battle system, and the whole FFVII kit-and-caboodle.

Just going off that, I bet creating all those in-game resources was no small order. If memory my serves me, Final Fantasy VII’s melodrama-packed story spans over two PSone disks. Certainly, not a lot today for a major studio to take on, but for a one-person team? Goodbye weekends, hello bottle of Advil.

Although, big ups to James for devoting his precious free time to such a massive undertaking, even though he’s only managed to complete one half of it. Still, it’s quite the accomplishment, especially once you take a look at all creative brainpower spent on it to make it look so drat good. Why don’t you see for your selves.

If this is as close as we’ll get to a real Final Fantasy VII remake, consider me satisfied like Garfield with a pan of lasagna. Oh, and how about you satisfy your geeky hunger by checking out what’s on tap on Walyou. We’ve got tons of things to show you dear reader, like a Doctor Who TARDIS-inspired liquor cabinet or info on Nintendo’s new TVii app for the Wii U.