Darth Vader Helmet Toaster: Humilliating And Awesome

Ever wondered what happened with Anakin Skywalker’s body after the events of Return of the Jedi? No, it’s not a plot point of Episode VII, he just became a toaster.


Preorders are up in case you want to get your own copy of this is Darth Vader Toaster from BigBadToyStore. They will set you back $45 dollars, and come out in July, which is not that far from now. The toaster, besides looking awesome as it replicates Vader’s helmet, is capable of toasting Vader’s head on one slice of bread with the Star Wars logo on the other.

You might be sad because Anakin is no longer among the living, but now, he will live forever… as a toaster, and that is awesome.

Source: Geekologie

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