Amazon’s FireTV Is No Xbox or PS4 Killer

The war for the living room gets hotter as we learn more about Amazon’s FireTV, although the company claims it won’t compete with either Xbox One nor PS4.

PS4-Xbox One

Amazon recently announced their very own set-top box called FireTV, which is supposed to play movies, TV, and also serve as a game console, too. While some might claim this is the OUYA all over again, Amazon’s baby has already secured some great games such as Minecraft, Asphalt 8 and a few other games at an extremely average price of $1.85, way below the price these games see on consoles and more on pair with mobile offerings.

Still, the FireTV is not a direct competitor to either the PS4 nor Xbox One, according to Amazon themselves, as it’s a streaming box first and foremost. The console part appears once the users buy the dedicated controller which unlocks the graphics processor of the console, as well as $10 worth of “Amazon coins” which must be used on games. The price of the controller, sold separately is $39.99 controller.

Still, despite what amazon claims, wouldn’t it be interesting to bring some of the more aggressive pricing seen on some apps and mobile games to consoles? We don’t want to replace our dedicated gaming machines, but it’s competition that drives innovation, and what benefits the users. Stay put to learn more.

Source: Forbes

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